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How to save 95% when buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and other cryptocurrencies?

You may have noticed a new trend spreading all over the world. Auction sites selling cryptocurrencies are beginning to displace cryptocurrency exchanges from the market, because of their incredible discounts.

From press and media reports as well as the blogosphere, you can learn about the experiences of lucky winners who are happy with the cryptocurrencies they bought at a fraction of their market price. We weren't entirely sure if it was true, so we decided to test it out. We believed that the best test would be to purchase the most well-known and popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

I have been dreaming of owning more cryptocurrencies for a long time because it is a great and lucrative investment, so it was up to me to conduct the test.

I started by conducting a small investigation to find out which of these sites were the most reliable and best suited for conducting a review. After many hours of searching the web, I came to the conclusion that due to its large number of customers, wide selection of available cryptocurrencies, and very good reputation, is the ideal candidate for my test.

To use the site and be able to bid on products, you must purchase a package of BIDs, which is a special currency. If you win the auction, you can enjoy a huge discount. Furthermore, is the only service on the market that will refund you all the BIDs you spent after winning. is so confident that it offers a very generous offer for new users. Your first package of BIDs will be doubled. This was the perfect opportunity for a newcomer like me.

What can you buy at the auction?

I have seen many different cryptocurrencies ranging from Bitcoin, which dominates the market, to Ethereum, Tether (USDT) pegged to the US dollar at a 1:1 ratio, to Binance Coin, USD Coin, Elon Musk's beloved Dogecoin, and practically all other cryptocurrencies you could want. Everything is available at auctions that offer currencies up to 95% cheaper than on traditional exchanges. passes the test, it's amazing!

After a simple registration process, I received twice as many BIDs from by using the promotional code for beginners (the code is "Starter"). Finally, I could try my luck at an auction and possibly win Bitcoin. Before I registered, I wasn't entirely sure how it worked, but after going through the registration process and the "How it works" instructions, everything became clear.

To start bidding on, simply purchase a few BIDs. One BID costs just a few cents and they are sold in packages for ease of purchase. After buying such a package, simply find the currency and value you want to win and start bidding.

I started with the Bitcoin auction, which had a total value of $2100. After a fairly short auction, I unexpectedly won!

For only $27.21, I received 0.1 Bitcoin worth $2100!

To make sure it wasn't some kind of scam, I waited to see how the second auction in which I participated would go. To my great surprise, I won again! This time, I saved even more, even though the auction lasted longer. In the end, I paid $81.74 for Ethereum worth over $10000. Truly impressive.

After successfully winning the auctions and completing the payment process, I was thrilled to receive the won cryptocurrencies directly into the wallet addresses I provided within a mere 2 hours. Now I have $12000 in cryptocurrencies in my pocket.This experience has left me thoroughly impressed with, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an opportunity to save up to 95% while investing in their preferred cryptocurrencies.

The first impression just couldn't have been better.

Detailed information about

If you have decided to give enormous savings and modern purchases at a chance, you are probably wondering how it works. Don't worry, I'll explain everything. Here is a detailed guide that is very helpful at the beginning of your journey with (if it seems short, it's because it's very simple).

Step 1: Create an account on and get double BIDs on your first purchase.

Step 2: Find an auction that interests you and start bidding.

Step 3: If you win the auction, you will be redirected to the payment transaction page where you will finalize your purchases with a huge discount.

Step 4: You will receive a refund of all the BIDs from every winning auction. Remember, it's very easy to win an auction, all you have to do is spend some time bidding.

My experience with was incredibly positive. 95% savings compared to the market price seemed impossible until recently, but now I know that everyone has this opportunity. From now on, we buy cryptocurrencies only on

James Smith
THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE REVIEW! Anyway, they have not only basic cryptocurrencies but also many niche ones and lots of new additions, a really strong offer!
Benjamin Wilson
congrats on your success!
Liam Johnson
I registerd yesterday & won 500 USDT for $16.21. They sent me the transfer after abt 2 hours.
Lukas Schmidt
I had a similar experience, although I waited about an hour. Generally, sometimes they send the winnings in crypto instantly, and sometimes you have to wait 2-3 hours.
Felix Meyer
hello, I am writing as a person who has already spent some time bidding on the site. I recommend starting the bidding not when the auction starts ($0), but when it reaches about $2, this is because most users bet the minimum of the Auto-Bidder set up, which in most auctions is 50 offers, in this way we gain an advantage and our Auto-Bidder will be victorious
Mateusz Kowalski
Didn't they mention this recently on BBC?
Isabella Brown
Let's see if this rlly works...
Emma Müller
Is registration free?
Marco Bianchi
Looks pretty good :)
Sofia Fernandez
Thank you for the advice and description of the service. Has anyone tried registering with a 300% bonus?
Anne Dupont
Hi, yes, you register and if you make a purchase within 10 minutes, they double the purchase, and with a higher amount, they give 300%.
Róisín O'Sullivan
Aww, 25 minutes on the platform and I have over $450 in ETH :))
Erik Jansen
How much did you pay in total?
Róisín O'Sullivan
I paid a total of $27 for the auctions and $41 for the bids I placed.
Zuzana Horváthová
Crypto winnings in my wallet after 10 minutes :)
Luka Novak
They should have more auctions with high-value cryptocurrencies
Karl Mägi
There are such auctions, even many of them in the 'VIP Room' section
Luka Novak
Indeed, I see it now, thx for the info.
Elina Virtanen
Does this really work?
Ingvar Gustafsson
Dear Natalie, read the comments and article carefully. Yes.
Ivan Dimitrov
Hello, I live in Switzerland, can I use the platform here?
Elspeth Carmichael
Hey Tim, I'm also from Switzerland, it works for us! :)
Octavia Cholmondeley
I'm looking at the clocks on the platform. Can someone explain to me how this works?
Chester Blackwood
I switched from leveraged trading to their auctions - generally highly recommend, a better world for earning crypto :)
Leopold Fothergill
I WON A BITCOIN! Please help me set up my account to receive my winnings!!??
Clementine Van Buren
Go to account settings, add your wallet, and accept the payment. The transfer of purchased crypto usually takes a few minutes, but I've had to wait over 2 hours before.
Jocelyn Kingsley
Is registration free? How do I start buying here?
Seraphina Oakley
good job guys!